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Latest company news about Smart construction, green decoration | Ankuai The 15th Wuhan Construction Expo 2024 concluded successfully

Smart construction, green decoration | Ankuai The 15th Wuhan Construction Expo 2024 concluded successfully

  On the afternoon of May 10, the three-day "2024 15th Wuhan Construction Expo" came to a successful conclusion. This event brought together many outstanding companies. Ankuai, as one of the powerful brand companies in the security industry, shined at booth 3T20.       Ankuai / Accurately match market demand Popularity is high and products are hot Insights into industry dynamics show that many large entrances and exits are unable to control vehicles because traditional gates cannot reach the required length. To address this pain point, our company has developed a sectional sliding door. As a type of modern industrial gate, the sectional sliding gate is widely used in a variety of occasions due to its unique advantages. They are usually used in garages, warehouses, factories, shops and other places, and can be well integrated with the exterior of the building to enhance the overall aesthetics of the building. The on-site T901 sectional sliding gate products are also very popular with customers. The Ankuai T901 sectional sliding gate uses high-strength aluminum alloy profiles, 2-5 foldable door bodies, and the door body can be up to 25 meters long, with a large opening clearance, a DC24V DC servo waterproof motor, and an ambient light at the bottom, which is eye-catching and safe at night. Various styles can be customized according to size to meet the needs of different scenarios.       901 Sliding gate   Speed ​​gate, as a turnstile gate product for high-end places, is widely used as a tool for managers of indoor places to enter and exit. It is characterized by stylish appearance, fast speed, high degree of intelligence, etc. Ankuai's new generation of intelligent turnstile gates also attracted many customers. AK-T327 high-end pedestrian turnstile gate, simple lines outline high posture, infrared-mechanical dual anti-pinch function, rich interfaces, external face recognition equipment, ring-guided LED traffic indication, light and shadow, creating an immersive traffic experience !   T327 Speed ​​Gate   During the exhibition, many customers came to visit. Ankuai's on-site staff greeted every customer with enthusiasm and professionalism, explained the characteristics and advantages of the products to customers, and demonstrated the products to let customers experience the functions of the products directly. We established contacts with many potential customers and conducted in-depth cooperation negotiations with them, which was very fruitful !   Exchange   Discussion   Ankuai /Continue to explore smart security   Group photo of the staff at the Ankuai booth   We will continue to enhance technological innovation, increase R&D investment, go all out to break through the pain points of the smart parking industry, continue to focus on the dynamics of the smart parking industry and market demand, become more solid and stronger, and provide customers with better solutions and create more value with solid product quality and excellent services.  
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Latest company news about Empowering technology to build safety together | Ankuai 2024 (22nd) Nanjing Security Expo concluded successfully

Empowering technology to build safety together | Ankuai 2024 (22nd) Nanjing Security Expo concluded successfully

      2024/04/14-16   The 22nd Nanjing Security Expo   Science and technology empowerment and co -build safety Overview of the exhibition   On the afternoon of April 16, the "2024 (22nd) Nanjing Security Expo" with the theme of "Technology Empowerment to Build Security" came to a successful conclusion. Focus on the exhibition site This exhibition brings together more than a hundred high-quality brand manufacturers in the fields of public security, technological security, smart home, smart campus and other fields. As a leading brand in the security industry, Ankuai will bring industry-leading products and cutting-edge technologies to booth T027 in Hall 1.   Exhibited products At this Nanjing Ankuai Expo, Ankuai brought products that demonstrated the brand's strength and innovation in the field of technology. Exhibits include barrier gate series, license plate recognition series, Kabu light box advertising barrier series, pedestrian passage gate series products, and parking lot lighting accessories - luminous stone balls and luminous stone pillars.     A series of selected professional equipment were unveiled at the exhibition, ranging from barrier gates, advertising barrier gates, license plate recognition, industrial doors, pedestrian crossing gates and peripheral supporting equipment to form a complete set of solutions for people and vehicles travel. Ankuai booth     [Communicate and discuss]        On-site staff adhere to the concept of "technological innovation, service first", listen to customer needs, combine professionalism with the customer's actual situation, and provide professional and enthusiastic service attitude by comparing the technical characteristics and differences of the same type of products. The customer's optimal solution demonstrates the company's professional strength and service level.   Looking to the future Ankuai will continue to deepen its technological research and continuously expand its business areas, so that more people can experience the speed and convenience of travel brought by Ankuai products.   Group photo of Ankuai booth staff   For more information on overall entrance and exit solutions and product details, please contact us to provide you with a full range of services.    
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