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About turnstile gate
Latest company news about About turnstile gate

Turnstile gate is a kind of security equipment used to control the passage of people, which is usually installed in the entrance of buildings, subway stations, airports, shopping malls and other places. Their main function is to manage personnel access, ensuring that only authorized personnel can enter a specific area, while preventing unauthorized personnel from entering.


Turnstile gate is generally composed of gate, control system, sensor and safety warning equipment. Gates are usually composed of revolving doors, three-roll gates, wing gates, etc., which are opened or closed to control the passage of personnel. The control system is used to manage the operation of the gate, which can be authenticated by swipe card, induction, password, etc. Only those who have passed the verification can enter. Sensors are used to detect the arrival and departure of people so that the control system can react accordingly. The safety warning equipment is used to remind the personnel to pay attention to the operating status of the gate to avoid accidents.


The installation of  turnstile gate can provide the following benefits:


1. Security management: Through the turnstile gate,it can effectively control personnel entering and leaving specific areas, prevent unauthorized personnel from entering sensitive areas, and enhance security management.
2. Convenient access: The turnstile gate can provide a fast and convenient way to pass, reduce the waiting time of personnel and improve the traffic efficiency.
3. Data statistics: The  turnstile gate is usually equipped with a data statistics function, which can record the number and time of personnel in and out, provide data analysis on personnel flow and traffic, and provide a basis for managers to make decisions.
4. Visual management: The  turnstile gate is usually equipped with a display screen or indicator light and other equipment, which can display the traffic status of personnel and provide an intuitive management interface for managers to monitor and manage the traffic situation.
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Common features and functions:

1. Different types of turnstile gate: There are many types of turnstile gate, including revolving doors, three-roll gates, wing gates, swing doors, etc. Each type has its own specific look and work. Turnstiles usually consist of two or more rotating door lobes that can accommodate a large flow of people. The three-roll gate consists of three vertical arms that allow only one person to pass through. The wing gate has two gate wings that can be opened and closed quickly. Swing doors are usually used for narrower passageways, and the doors can swing inward or outward.
2. Authentication methods: In order to ensure that only authorized personnel can pass the  turnstile gate, the commonly used authentication methods include swipe card, induction, password, fingerprint, etc. The swipe method requires the user to carry a specific access card, which is verified by the card reader. The sensor uses radio frequency identification (RFID) or near field communication (NFC) technology, and the user only needs to put the ID card or access card near the sensor to pass. The password mode requires the user to enter the correct password. The fingerprint identification method verifies the identity by scanning the user's fingerprint.
3. Anti-card mechanism: Pedestrian gateway gates are usually equipped with anti-card mechanism to ensure the safety of personnel passing through the channel. These mechanisms can sense the people around the gate, and if there is a person stuck in the middle of the gate, the gate will automatically stop operation and issue an alarm to avoid the occurrence of pinching accidents.
4. Emergency access: In order to cope with emergency situations or densely populated situations, turnstile gate are usually equipped with emergency access. The emergency channel can be opened manually to allow personnel to pass quickly, ensuring the safety and smooth passage of personnel.
5. Remote monitoring and management: Some advanced turnstile gate systems provide remote monitoring and management functions, and managers can remotely monitor the working status, personnel flow and abnormal conditions of the channel gate through the network connection, and grasp and adjust the traffic control strategy in real time.

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6. Customization options: According to the needs of different places, the turnstile gate  can be customized. For example, different gate designs can be selected according to the style and needs of the site, and the appropriate gate type and control system can be selected according to the traffic volume and security level.
7. Integrated system: Theturnstile gate  can be integrated into the entire access control system or security management system. This means that access gates can communicate and collaborate with other devices such as access card readers, security cameras, and access control systems for comprehensive security management and monitoring.
8. Optional functions: The  turnstile gate can provide various optional functions according to demand. For example, some channel gates may be equipped with voice prompts that provide guidance and prompts to the user. Other features may include a people count function that monitors the number of people passing through the channel in real time via sensors or cameras, providing accurate people statistics.
9. Advanced recognition technology: In addition to traditional authentication methods, some advanced turnstile gate use more advanced recognition technology, such as face recognition and iris recognition. These technologies authenticate by scanning a face or iris, with greater security and accuracy.
10. Multi-channel configuration: In some cases, it may be necessary to set up multiple channel gates to meet the needs of high human traffic. Multi-channel configuration can be achieved by setting up multiple channel gates in parallel to improve traffic efficiency.
11. Anti-vandalism function: In order to prevent malicious damage or illegal entry, turnstile gate usually have anti-vandalism function. This may include alarm devices, crash-resistant designs and cut-resistant materials to fend off disruptive behaviour.

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12. Energy efficient design: Some turnstile gate have energy efficient design, such as automatically adjusting the opening and closing speed of the gate according to the actual traffic demand, to save energy and extend the life of the equipment.
13. Customizable appearance: In order to match the overall design style of the building, the pedestrian gateway gate can usually be customized according to the requirements of the exterior design. Different materials, colors and exterior details can be selected to meet the needs of a particular place.
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