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Arm Full Height Turnstile 2S Open/Close Time 2210x1350x2300 Mm Passage RS485 Interface

Arm Full Height Turnstile 2S Open/Close Time 2210x1350x2300 Mm Passage RS485 Interface

  • Arm Full Height Turnstile 2S Open/Close Time 2210x1350x2300 Mm Passage RS485 Interface
Arm Full Height Turnstile 2S Open/Close Time 2210x1350x2300 Mm Passage RS485 Interface
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Guangdong China
Brand Name: AnKuai
Model Number: AKT334
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiabale, please contact us
Packaging Details: 2210x1350x2300 mm
Delivery Time: 3-5 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T,Western Union, PayPal
Supply Ability: 200 Set/Sets per Month
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Detailed Product Description
Passage Width: 650mm Communication Interface: RS485 (Distance: ≤1200m)
Humidity: <95%, Without Concretion Power Consumption: 100W
Arm Open/Close Time: 2s Temperature: -15 To 60 Degrees
Type: Full Height Turnstile Dimension: 2210x1350x2300 Mm
High Light:

RS485 Full Height Turnstile


2S Full Height Turnstile


2210x1350x2300 Full Height Turnstile

Product Description of high  turnstiles

Introducing our state-of-the-art Full-Height-Entry-Turnstile, a paramount security solution designed to provide secure and efficient access control in high-security areas. This robust turnstile is meticulously crafted to meet the needs of facilities that require the highest level of security without compromising on throughput efficiency. The Full-Height-Gate-Turnstile stands tall with its imposing dimension of 2210x1350x2300 mm, making it an unyielding barrier to unauthorized access while serving as a seamless entry point for those permitted.

Constructed with durability and reliability in mind, our Full-Height-Security-Turnstile features an advanced Input Interface that responds to a +12V electrical signal or an impulse signal with a width of more than 100ms and a drive current of over 10mA. This ensures that the turnstile operates seamlessly in conjunction with various control systems, allowing for a versatile and flexible integration into any existing security infrastructure.

The turnstile's arm turning mechanism is designed to be user-friendly and adaptable, offering both uni-direction and bi-direction operational modes. This flexibility ensures that the Full-Height-Entry-Turnstile can be configured to control the flow of traffic in a manner that best suits the specific needs of each site, whether it is to allow entrance only, exit only, or two-way passage. The intelligent control system guarantees a smooth and consistent operation, ensuring that users can pass through the turnstile with minimal effort and without delay.

Engineered to perform in a variety of environments, the Full-Height-Gate-Turnstile boasts a resilience to humidity levels of less than 95%, without concretion. This feature ensures the turnstile's longevity and consistent performance even in conditions where humidity is a factor, making it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor installations. The rugged construction and weather-resistant materials used in the turnstile's design guarantee that it will withstand the test of time and maintain its functionality and appearance for years to come.

The Full-Height-Security-Turnstile is also designed with a high throughput rate in mind, featuring a passing speed of 30 persons per minute in a normally open mode and 20 persons per minute in a normally closed mode. This impressive flow rate ensures that the turnstile can handle high volumes of traffic without creating bottlenecks, making it perfect for applications such as stadiums, amusement parks, transit stations, and high-security office buildings where efficiency is as critical as security.

Our Full-Height-Entry-Turnstile not only offers top-tier security but also provides peace of mind for both operators and users. The intuitive design and fail-safe operation mean that in the event of an emergency or power failure, safety is never compromised. The turnstile is equipped with features that allow for a quick and orderly evacuation, ensuring that it adheres to the stringent safety standards required in public spaces.

In summary, the Full-Height-Gate-Turnstile is an indispensable security asset for any facility looking to enforce access control without causing disruption to the flow of traffic. Its robust construction, adaptable interface, and high throughput capability make it an ideal choice for those who demand the utmost in security and efficiency. Invest in our Full-Height-Security-Turnstile to create an environment that is safe, secure, and conducive to smooth operations.


Features of high turnstiles

  • Product Name: Full Height Turnstile
  • Type: Full Height Turnstile
  • Communication Interface: RS485 (Distance: ≤1200m)
  • Temperature: -15 To 60 Degrees
  • Input Interface: +12V Electrical Signal Or Impulse Signal With Width More Than 100ms, Drive Current >10mA
  • Humidity: <95%, without Concretion
Arm Full Height Turnstile 2S Open/Close Time 2210x1350x2300 Mm Passage RS485 Interface 0

Technical Parameters of high  turnstiles

Technical Parameter Description
Working Environment Indoors Or Outdoors With Shed
Arm Turning Uni-direction Or Bi-direction
Type Full Height Turnstile
Passing Speed 30 Persons/min (normal Open), 20 Persons/min (normal Close)
Power Consumption 100W
Working Temperature -15℃ ~ 60℃
Communication Interface RS485 (Distance: ≤1200m)
Power Supply AC220V±10V ,50Hz / AC110V±10V ,60Hz
Humidity <95%, without Concretion
Dimension 2210x1350x2300 Mm

Applications of high  turnstiles

The AnKuai AKT334 Full Height Turnstile, originating from Guangdong, China, is a robust and reliable solution designed to control and monitor access in various high-security scenarios. Its sturdy construction and advanced features make it suitable for a range of applications, ensuring secure and orderly entry and exit.

One of the primary application occasions for the AnKuai AKT334 Full-Height-Gate-Turnstile is in transit stations such as subways and train stations, where there is a need for a secure method of passenger control. This turnstile's ability to provide uni-direction or bi-direction arm turning ensures that it can be adapted to specific flow requirements, regulating the movement of large numbers of people efficiently during peak hours.

The AnKuai AKT334 is also an ideal Full-Height-Entry-Turnstile for use in industrial sites, where safety and security are of paramount importance. Its robust design can withstand the rigorous demands of high traffic environments, while the RS485 communication interface, with a distance of ≤1200m, allows for seamless integration into existing security systems. The power consumption of 100W ensures that it remains cost-effective, even when in constant use.

Sporting venues and stadiums can greatly benefit from the installation of the AnKuai AKT334 Full-Height-Entry-Turnstile. With a passage width of 650mm, it facilitates the quick and orderly entrance and exit of fans, while the 2s arm open/close time ensures that queues move swiftly, reducing bottlenecks and enhancing the overall spectator experience.

Moreover, the AnKuai AKT334 Full Height Turnstile is also suitable for applications in high-security buildings, such as embassies, military installations, and data centers. These facilities demand the highest level of security, and the turnstile's ability to control access ensures that only authorized personnel can enter or leave the premises, providing peace of mind for security managers and property owners alike.

In conclusion, the AnKuai AKT334 Full Height Turnstile is a versatile and efficient solution for a multitude of application occasions, including transit systems, industrial sites, sporting venues, and high-security areas. Its durable construction, coupled with advanced features such as RS485 communication interface and quick arm open/close time, make it an indispensable component of any secure access control system.


Support and Services of high  turnstiles

Our Full Height Turnstile is designed to provide reliable access control in high-security applications. The turnstile is engineered to meet the most demanding security and control requirements. It features a durable design, capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions while ensuring consistent operation.

The turnstile comes equipped with a smooth and quiet rotating action, ensuring minimal maintenance and long-term reliability. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations and can integrate with various forms of user authentication, including RFID, biometric systems, and card readers, to facilitate secure entry and exit.

Technical support for the Full Height Turnstile includes troubleshooting guidance, parts replacement, and maintenance advice to ensure optimal functionality. Our team of skilled technicians is available to assist with any technical queries or issues that may arise during the installation or operation of the turnstile.

Services for the Full Height Turnstile encompass regular maintenance checks, software updates, and training for personnel on the proper use and upkeep of the system. We are committed to providing comprehensive support to ensure your turnstile performs efficiently and effectively, maintaining the integrity of your security infrastructure.

For warranty service or repairs, our product support team will guide you through the process to ensure a swift resolution. We offer a range of service agreements tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that your turnstile receives the care and attention it requires for continuous, trouble-free operation.

Please refer to the user manual for detailed instructions on the use and maintenance of the Full Height Turnstile. We recommend adhering to the prescribed maintenance schedule to prolong the lifespan of your turnstile and ensure it remains in excellent working condition.

Arm Full Height Turnstile 2S Open/Close Time 2210x1350x2300 Mm Passage RS485 Interface 1

FAQ of high turnstiles

Q1: What are the key features of the AnKuai AKT334 Full Height Turnstile?

A1: The AnKuai AKT334 Full Height Turnstile is designed for high-security areas, featuring durable construction, bidirectional access control, and a smooth and quiet operation. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, providing a secure solution for facilities that require controlled access.

Q2: Can the AnKuai AKT334 Full Height Turnstile be integrated with existing access control systems?

A2: Yes, the AnKuai AKT334 Full Height Turnstile is designed to be compatible with a variety of access control systems, including card readers, biometric scanners, and remote control, allowing for seamless integration with your current security infrastructure.

Q3: What is the throughput rate of the AnKuai AKT334 Full Height Turnstile?

A3: The throughput rate for the AnKuai AKT334 Full Height Turnstile will vary depending on the specific configuration and the flow of pedestrian traffic. However, it is designed for efficient and quick passage, minimizing wait times while ensuring security.

Q4: Is the AnKuai AKT334 Full Height Turnstile suitable for outdoor installation?

A4: Yes, the AnKuai AKT334 Full Height Turnstile is built to withstand the elements and can be installed outdoors. It is constructed with high-quality materials that are resistant to weather and corrosion, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

Q5: How is the AnKuai AKT334 Full Height Turnstile powered, and what are its power requirements?

A5: The AnKuai AKT334 Full Height Turnstile is typically powered by an AC power source. The exact power specifications may vary, so it is recommended to refer to the user manual or contact AnKuai technical support for detailed information on the power requirements for your particular model.

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